Friday, December 19, 2008


Happy things from today:
1. Smiles all around!
2. Hugs and kisses too :)
3. Seeing alumni around WHS campus
4. Doing absolutely nothing in almost every class
5. ASB jackets!
6. Giving! Procrastishopping = semi-successful
7. ...and receiving. HAHA
8. Sugar overloads
9. Becky's delicious strawberry/banana/banberry trifle/cake/concoction HEAVEN!
10. Peppermint mocha goodness
11. Coffee Bean hot chocolate goodness
12. McDonald's in the morning :)
13. Holiday music
14. Finishing almost all this crap... Submitting soon!
15. Sra. Barry (who I've had little to minimal contact with) coming up to me and telling me "good job at the concert"
16. A snippet of Mamma Mia
17. Being inappropriate and out of control
18. Holiday spirit!